Our Services

Virus Removal

Keep yourself and you private information by having those pesky, intrusive viruses removed from your machine. Regain your computer's speeds and your peace of mind!

Software Upgrades

Upgrading can be a hassle! Let the professionals research exactly what is best for your situation and upgrade your computer software accordingly!

Hardware Upgrades

Over time your machine can become outdated and cause problems with speeds or software compatibility. Don't get left behind, let Alpha Bravo keep your machine running like new!

PC Tune-Ups

A lot can happen to your machine as time goes by. Don't spend hours trying to diagnose small issues yourself. Let us check out each and every part of your computer and keep things running smoothly!

Computer Networking

The benefits of wireless and wired networking can be great, but getting things set up and configured safely/correctly can be a nightmare! Alpha Bravo has professional networking techs at the ready!

Data Recovery

Accidents happen and precious/irreplaceable documents can sometimes be lost. Don't lose hope, though! Alpha Bravo Tech has trained document recovery professionals to retrieve valuables!

System Recovery

Computer on the fritz? Unusable? We at Alpha Bravo Tech can return your system to it's exact state at an early time or replace essential software that has started malfunctioning!

Spyware Removal

There's nothing more terrifying than knowing that somebody or something is monitoring your every move online. Keep your private data safe and let us liberate your computer of any spyware!

Extra Services

Electronics Installation

New television? Computer? Sound system? Whatever it is that you've got, Alpha Bravo Tech can install it. We've got a team of very experienced staff that specializes in the safest and most efficient installation around!

File / System Backup

Don't risk losing your precious documents or memories to a hardware or software issue. Let Alpha Bravo Tech safely and securely back up your files to a number of mediums for your safe keeping.

Video Game Console Repair

Every gamer dreads the day when his or her game console no longer functions as it once did. Whether it's an Xbox with a red-ring or a Playstation with with a malfunctioning disk drive, Alpha Bravo Tech can fully repair your once great console to it's original state.

Tablet / Cell Phone Repair

Just about everyone is attached at the hip to their mobile electronics (tablets, phones, music players, etc.). Unfortunately with such frequent use it's not terribly uncommon for those devices to have accidents. Alpha Bravo Tech has extended experience with all different types of mobile electronics and can repair near any issue you may encounter.